New Fall/Winter line coming October 28th!

items will be preorder with a 2-4 week turnaround

all knitwear will be crafted from 100% merino yarn hand dyed by me- mayan

October 28th Update Extended Information

This season Briggs and Craft Knits will be taking part in a combined virtual & open air market hosted by the American Swedish Institute. The web links for all the artists will be going live on October 28th through the letter they send out! I will have my update of Pre-Order items crafted of my hand dyed Merino then. The turn around will be 2-4 weeks with a cut off for US Christmas delivery the 1st weekend of December when the market closes. Join me on my in-person weekend November 21st&22nd at the American Swedish Institute or anytime online starting October 28th!


What is craft to you? To me, craft is the skill of making things by hand. It is not twiddly objects that kill time. It is skills like pottery, leather work, welding, photography or knitting. It is using your hands to create something meaningful, skills you pass from generation to generation.

Here at Briggs and Craft we bring the skills of hand knit items to the table, and present them to you to wear and use for generations to come. All items are knit by hand with sustainable & natural fibers, designed in process and finished by Mayan Briggs for you.

Meet the maker.........

Just a knitter knitting life with one strand of yarn at a time. Okay, there is more than that too me. So keep reading about why I do the things I do, and who is in this wild adventure with me by checking the about section of my website! 

For all orders that are not product already knit, there is a current 2-4 week turnaround. I have 2 lovely little darlings in my life and they dont notify me of upcoming cuddles or meltdowns. So we go with the flow around here, and put the tiny people first. I will email and notify people of updates on all orders. Please contact me if you need that knitted item ASAP and we can see what we can do.