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Parenting & business & babies & bottomless love?

        Who else can raise there hand to attest at the abnormality of considering oneself in the season of PARENTING? The season in which almost nothing is focused on yourself? In which you learn the ultimate definitions of selflessness and bittersweet. When life can change within week to week and it never really gets easier, does it? It's just constantly different. A different list of requirements, an ever changing routine and bottomless love. What a mouthful.

        And then, when you feel like you got it all together, you mix business in and you truly feel like your certifiably nuts. At least, at the end of the day you are a superb individual at time management, right? That is what life is like for me! Mayan! The maker of all things Briggs and Craft. The knitter of all the goodies around here. And let me tell you, it feels good. Even when I feel as if I am running around like a chicken with its head lopped off. Want to know why? Well, its because I have two sweet faces that look up to me and see nothing wrong; they don't see that hot mess, or the boxes on my list I didn't check off, they see there favorite play mate, care taker and mom. That, my friends, is the very best feeling in the world. That, my friends, is why its okay if your business grows a little bit slower, and your days are filled with play and laughter because the days are long but the years are short and we must savor them.

         So as I am letting my sweet 7 month old baby cuddle me while she sleeps, I get to type the very first blog post on my website. I get to work on the little things. Maybe I could type a little faster without her on me, but she only fits on me while I type for a smidgen of her life and I am fully investing my time into soaking it up. But lets get on with it, right? Lets stop beating 'round the bush, get down to what in the world have I been waiting so long to get my stuff online for? The simple part of things is essentially I grew up with a mom who sold things in galleries, small shops and art fairs. Its what I know, so I started with that. I started with the familiar, got my feet under myself and figured out what I was really looking for in selling my knit wear. Art fairs will always be a part of my brand, and what I do, they are how I got started. 

        Now the season of life I am in includes babies and toddlers and adventure. Art fairs are time consuming and I have felt the tug to be home, be present and take advantage of another front to sell things.  A website. So here we are, website and all. By day you will find me playing, and cooking, and adventuring while by night I will be knitting, cleaning and drinking copious amounts of tea.


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