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Onno Square Bonnet

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This bonnet is crafted from hand dyed & fairly farmed merino that is light, breathe able and wicking! It is softer than cotton yarn, and wool has many antibacterial properties.

Bonnet Sizes- How do you measure? Using a tape measure to a piece of string that you then can hold up to a ruler, measure from edge of eye socket to edge of eye socket-wrapping around the head to achieve the depth measurement. For the bonnet height, measure from the tip of jaw bone, over the head to the other tip of the jaw bone.

This bonnet is size.....

XSmall- Depth=11 inch/28cm Height=13 inch/33cm

Have any reservations about sizes? Wondering if you should size up? A wonderful thing about these bonnets is that knit wear is flexible in a way that woven fabric isnt. So it stretches well, and the design allows you to pick a larger bonnet and not feel as if your baby is absolutely swimming in it. 

All Briggs and Craft knits designs are crafted for adventure, creating heirloom pieces that are original & tested to the max by my sweet kiddos.