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Herringbone Shorties

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Who doesn't love new designs? New designs mean growth! That there was room for improvement! That they were improved! These new and improved bloomers also came with a new and improved name- Shorties! My 4 year old informed me she would not wear them if they were called bloomers, so the name was changed. And she wore them for 3 days straight.  We also swapped the ribbon ties for ELASTIC waist bands! (Yes, the pictured bloomers have elastic bands in there!!!!) and we have made the leg openings extra stretchy for even the thickest of legs.

For these shorties, choose from 7 different color combinations. The main body is knit with organic & fair trade cotton which is complimented with the chart design that is crafted from fairly farmed & hand dyed merino.

SIZING: to choose the very best size measure your child's waist (right under the bellybutton!) if you don't have a flexible tape measure, measure with string and then hold it up to a yard stick.

xsmall- 14 inches plus

small- 15 inches plus

medium- 17 inches plus

large- 18 inches plus

xlarge- 19 inches plus

  All Briggs and Craft knits designs are crafted for adventure, creating heirloom pieces that are original & tested to the max by my sweet kiddos.