Who is Briggs and Craft?
Just one mom knitting up a storm while keeping up with a toddler, baby, husband, fat cat and all the adventures along with it.  
Knitting at night while parenting by day and camping waaaaaay too much we are always seeking out the next adventure over here. Also, all the knitting, am I right? Beyond the next knit row, I am all for wholesome, natural living, chocolate, fresh art, gardens, simplicity with a splash of well arranged knick- knacks and coffee.
Now we get down to the pure knitting part of the equation. The who, the what and the why.
Who started me on this journey? That is simple. I was taught by my aunt, she taught me how to cast on and knit and I ran with it from there. My mom is an artist and always will be, constantly practicing different forms of craft.  She inspired and still inspires me to use knitting as an art form, and ultimately that is what led me to create my own patterns, and design every single piece of knit wear that comes away from my needles. And here I am, 17 years of knitting  under my belt and still running with knitting needles, constantly challenging myself.
What is my product made of? Well, first off, its not thread, its yarn. Its yarn that is made of natural fibers and knit with 17 years of skill and a couple different favorite sizes of circular knitting needles.
All products around here are knit with the highest quality of yarn and I aim to always have a wide array of natural fibers to choose from for all products. The only 'fiber' you wont find me knitting with is acrylic because it is not a natural fiber, it is plastic and we are constantly searching for ways to reduce the plastic particles in the our water sheds.
Over all, as I practice other forms of art, and search for avenues of expression I always find myself figuring the problem out first with knitting. Imagining that painting or piece of silver I forged as knit wear. Its the art form that truly speaks to my finger tips, the one I can always reliably sculpt with, and the ultimate form of decompression after a bout of frustration or a day of motherhood at its finest.