Customs & Fiber Options

Custom knits are a favorite of mine. They allow the customer to fully explore the possibilities of attaining a knit product they will wear forever. All of the options go way beyond the possibilities listed in the shop. I have done many sweaters based off of beautiful pictures and ideas provided by customers.

So lets get cookin'!

There are so many products that are possible with custom orders, so do not even hesitate!  Head on over to the contact page, and send that email! Lets chat about all the items possible you can order!


Of course there are many reasons why merino is fantastic but these websites have amazing detailed reasons for you guys already!

If you would rather skip the pages worth of information, read the shortened version and our tiddly bit about allergens.........

Cools when hot and warms when cold

Wicks when dry AND wet

Not your grandmas wool- its SUPER soft

The merino we choose is washable and WAY softer than even smart wool. Contact us for a free sample square!

Machine washable! (on a cold and gentle cycle)

Sustainable AND bio-degradable- sheep are not harmed, they need there coats cut every year & we work with wool mills who cherish there herds of sheep.



During the cooler season we make almost all of our made-to-order & ready to ship items with super wash merino wool. However we do offer other options for natural fiber if you are truly allergic to wool.

A true wool allergy is more than just that itch you feel from certain wool though. You may want to check into what a true allergy is(which Ive been told is actually rare). It may just be an irritation which is common from poor quality fiber.

Merino wool is one of the softest wool in the world, and super wash merino commonly has the barbs removed which decreases the chances of an itch to almost nothing. I highly suggest doing your own research into what constitutes a true wool allergy and what your type of reaction falls under- allergy or irritation. Merino is used by many companies in product, but from what I feel when wearing things, its a lower quality(less combed) merino that can be "itchy".

If you would like to see how soft our items are, we can always mail a sample square of knit wool and you can rub it on your skin too feel what we are talking about.