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Bonnet - X-Small

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Bonnets, why bonnets? Bonnets are the hat that event the wiggliest baby cannot pull off once they are tied on. Briggs and Craft bonnets have a one-of-a kind design backed with years of experience in structural technique. Our bonnets cover past the ears, and cup the nape of the neck, covering an ever exposed part of the neck. They have been fully tested on lovely chubby babies, toddlers, and even adults!

Handcrafted with 100% merino wool. Designed from the roots up, ready to go with you anywhere.


This is size is for newborn- 3 months. We do have a smaller option if your baby is very tiny, say premie, otherwise this is the perfect fresh out the oven size. Even if its a little big, due to the nape structure it will still fit well and stay on your tiny babe. Ribbon choices are based off in stock ribbon, which constantly vaires. If you have a preference whether it be color or floral, please include it in the notes. Otherwise I will email you and follow up on what you want for your bonnet.