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Chunky Color Block Hat

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A toque design that can be worn rolled or not, inside or right side out and will be the warmest hat you've ever bothered to own due to how yummy and chunky this merino is!

Slightly smaller than the other chunky color block hat and would be super perfect for any smaller adult head or child.


Every item in the Fall & Winter Collection is crafted with 100% Super Wash Merino. The super wash side of things means you can wash it on delicate & cold in your WASHING MACHINE!!! It also means that its some of the highest grade Merino you can obtain, with the barbs removed(the true itch part behind wool) On top of all those incredible qualities I have dyed every yard of it myself, ensuring rich colors that wont fade. If you want to learn more on why Merino wool is incredible and why what wool you choose matters go read about it under our fiber facts.

All Briggs and Craft knits designs are crafted for adventure, creating heirloom pieces that are original & tested to the max by my sweet kiddos.