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Personally, I have never gone for a headband, if you see me I wear hats all year round. I  love a good hat, but my mom. She is a headband woman and she told me I need a good headband option. So here it is!  A lined headband, but it isnt lined with fleece making it stiff and unyielding! It is double knit on the inside creating a cushion effect in the headband. Handcrafted, with original designs from the roots up ready to go on all your outdoor adventures.


There are two sizes available that are broken down pretty easily, essentially the first size if for people who consider there head small or medium sized. The larger size is for people who consider there head large or medium. So what if your medium? Go for whatever way you feel you fit best, if you like a tight fit go for the smaller fit, or if you feel you could very well have a larger medium head, then the larger size is the perfect size for you! Charts with exact measurements are coming very soon.