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Baby & Childrens Mittens

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Handcrafted mittens, with original designs from the roots up ready to go on all your outdoor adventures.

Fit- Knitwear is very stretchy. So due to that, things can easily fit for years without needing to be replaced. That is why my sizes cover multi year gaps. Adjusted to cover the growth spurt gaps in between.

Babies -thumbless mittens due to the fact they have no control over there thumbs and the thumb spot on baby mittens if absolutely pointless

Toddler Size- Varies from 12-2t all the way up too 4t

Small-4-8 years.

Medium- for all those between the ages of 8 plus (could even stretch to 13)

Large- equivalent too a  small adult hand

Mittens clips and adding on a knit lining are available as separate items due to limited variants provided. They are listed as add-ons in products.

Why merino? Check out all the advantages of choosing a product knit with Merino under our about tab.