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Handcrafted with 100% merino wool. Designed from the roots up, ready to go with you anywhere.

Add-ons like lanolin soaking, mitten clips and lining your mittens are in our add on section. If your lining your mittens and you fall in between a hand measurement, then size up.

Sizes are all adult sizes- there is a separate option for baby and children mittens although the largest children's size is equivalent to the adult small.

Small- This also fits as a children's large. The fit for this could be referred to a petite woman's hand, or bottom of palm(where the palm connects to the wrist) to tip of middle finger 6 inches. If your hand is longer than that, then please size up.

Medium- Base of palm to tip of finger 7 inches

Large- Base of palm to tip of middle finger 8 inches

X-Large- Base of palm to tip of middle finger 9 inches

If your hand measures longer than this, then please contact me through the contact with your palm measurements and we can proceed through a custom mitten with a simple invoice system.